Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Parc Rittenhouse really on the Square?
Absolutely. The address is 225 S. 18th Street, at the corner of 18th and Locust Streets.
Is the Parc Rittenhouse a brand new building?
No. It’s a $50 million renovation of the original Penn Athletic Club building, most recently known as the Rittenhouse Regency apartments. It was re-named by the developers to reflect its new identity.
Which building is this, again?
The tan brick building on the East side of the Square formerly known as the Sheraton Rittenhouse Hotel. (Devon Seafood Grille and Bleu restaurant are located on its ground floor.
Why would I even try to afford a condominium on Rittenhouse Square?
Despite the building’s amazing ambiance and amenities, condominium units at the Parc Rittenhouse actually start at $275,000. (And go up to $2.5 million.)
How much extra will the club membership cost me?
Membership to the pool and the rest of the club facilities is included in the condo fees and exclusively available to building residents.
So how big is this pool?
The pool measures 16’ wide by 50’ long and 4’ deep. Long enough for lap swimming.
Will I have a view of the Square?
Most of the largest units; two and three bedrooms and penthouses, overlook the Square directly. The entrance to the building is directly on the Square.
What about dogs?
Yes, dogs are permitted.
Where can I park?
The Parc Rittenhouse has its own garage with parking available to all residents.
When will the condominiums be ready?
At this time, we expect homes to be ready for occupancy within the year.
How do I know the Parc Rittenhouse is going to get done on time?
Lubert-Adler, Allan Domb Real Estate and David Marshall, who developed The Rittenhouse, are collaborating on this project. There can be no greater assurance of quality and reliability.
How is it possible for you to make a luxury condominium on Rittenhouse Square so affordable?
Starting with an existing building makes all the difference. It allows us to create a more luxurious environment and more amenities and still offer residents outstanding value.